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Importance of Japanese Language Essay

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The importance of Japanese language is spoken by over one-hundred forty million in Japan alone and is also a natural second language for people in Chinese and Korean speaking countries. Despite Japan’s growth being out shined by neighbor countries like China and India. Japan is still has the second largest economy in world following China.

Japanese is part of the Altaic languages (which includes Turkish, Tungusic, Mongolian, and Korean) spoken in the early Transcaspian steppe country over four to five thousands years ago. Early Japanese continued to evolve into it’s current form until over a thousand years ago when the Japanese people started recording their language through poetry and other writings. The importance of Japanese is beneficial regardless if you do it for fun or for your career or even just for personal travel.

Several reason exists for how importance of Japanese language is in the grand scheme of things. One reason is that knowing Japanese bringing various business opportunities worldwide as well as being a gateway to learning and understanding other Asian languages and cultures. Japanese presence and culture are growing all over the world as well online. Japanese is also one of the most extensive in it’s use of politeness and honor as well as any other form of expression. Studying Japanese should be a in trying something different and joining one of the great languages of the world.

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Even if you plan to travel to Japan or just a casual traveler. Minimal understanding of the importance of Japanese will make it easier when traveling around Japan. Common every things like road and shop signs that are written in Japanese. Even when ordering food in a restaurant or communicating with your waiter or waitress or other locals in the restaurant will greatly improve your experience of your travels. A critical challenge to remember is that of vocabulary. Having used different books and courses to learn to read Japanese I found several to be of benefit.

Japan is an very resourceful country for being so isolated. Japan files nearly four-hundred thousand patent applications every year in such fields as optical media, semiconductor manufacturing, industrial robotics, and fermentation process. Innovation as made the Japanese world leaders when it comes to technological advancements.

Japan has a growing industry of exporting automobiles and other manufacturing goods. But Japan passes China in economic output but still second to the United States in GDP. With the increasing manufacturing strength of Japan can only stress the importance of the Japanese in opening doors of employment in pretty much any occupations. Learning any language can only improve your chance of success in today’s difficult job market.

When trying to uncover the importance of Japanese language one cannot discover a more fascinating and challenging language to learn.

All languages change over time and Japanese is no different. To genuinely understand the importance of Japanese language you need to learn the language yourself so you can receive the full benefit of this amazing language. In fact, latest research as shown that learning a second language helps fight against Alzheimer’s disease and slows down the aging effects of the brain. Talk about the Importance of language in action!

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