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Union Essay Examples

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The Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System

Mr Chris Wood, CEO of WIOCC and Co-Chair of the EASSy Management Committee, today announces on behalf of the EASSy submarine fibre-optic cable Management Committee that the EASSy system will be upgraded in 2011, more than doubling the current available capacity on the system. Following an extremely successful initial four months of operation, during which…

Africanisation of south African Ratiling

The internationalisation of retail businesses has become a global phenomenon as retailers around the world expand their operations beyond national borders. This phenomenon has attracted some academic attention. In Africa, South Africa appears to be more advanced in this regard, with Shoprite at the forefront of the Africanisation of South African retailers. A review of…

Coca Cola in Africa

1. Why is Coca-Cola so interested in Africa, which is typically regarded as part of the base of the global economic pyramid? Coca-Cola is an organization that has been around since 1892. Coca-Cola is looking for new emerging growth markets and Africa has proven to be that. Combined, 12 of the African countries have a…



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Think global act local

Lots of thoughts spring up to my mind when I hear the phrase “Think global act local.” From the one side, this means the lack of connections between the highest and the lowest institutions within the country. The minorities are neglected by the government because their interests are not that significant. On the other side,…

The Effects of Colonization on Modern African Cultures

In November1884 – 1885, Europe met for The Berlin Conference in which Africa was sub-divided giving each current European powers a part to govern. This scrabble for Africa was an official degradation of all African future political power and present government. The utilization of African land, resources and people to build European powers was imposing…

The Possible Impact of greater economic integration among the Malaysia, Singapore and the rest of the ASEAN Countries

Economic integration is the bind of economic policies between different states through the partial or full abolition of tariff and non-tariff restrictions on trade taking place among them prior to their integration. (Balassa, 1967) The focus of economic integration is to lower the costs for both consumers and producers, as well as to increase trade…

Identify the strengths and weaknesses of Tokai UK’s international strategy.

The Tokai Company was founded in 1947 in Hamamatsu, Japan and produced all forms of musical instruments,including a large range of pianos. Tokai instruments first appeared in the UK in the early 1980s when they were imported by a company called Bluesuede Music. At that time the two biggest names in electric guitars were those…

Did worldwide decolonization after 1945 create more problems than it solved

Decolonization after World War 2 created a whole new era of human history. Colonizers had drawn borders for the first time in places like Africa, created and promoted the idea of a state and national identity, as well as new technologies and ways of life. Independence would therefore create many problems. Conflict over disputed territories…

Project: South African Aluminum

At the beginning of 1994, Alusaf was considering building the world’s largest greenfield primary aluminum smelter, a 466,000-ton-per-year smelter at Richard’s Bay, a deepwater port on the east coast of South Africa’s province of Kwa-Zulu Natal. Alusaf was the sole primary aluminum producer in South Africa, operating 170,000 tpy of capacity at the existing “Bayside”…

What Are the Differences and Similarities Between Public and Private Sector Unions

When we speak about unions for example the United Auto Workers, the Teamsters and the Steelworkers I was surprised to learn this week that public employee unions don’t have the same rights. One key difference that makes public different than private unions is that fact that in individual states public sector unions are not covered…

The social consequences as a result of EU expansion

The accession of ten nations of Eastern Europe will increase the existing social crisis in these nations and also the entire EU. The Eastern Europe population has already suffered a lot as a result of increase in unemployment levels, poverty decreased wages, the destruction of various social provisions in the region in an attempt of…

Benefits of the European Union

The European Union is an organization of democratic European countries based on the idea of committing to working together for peace and prosperity. In the recent years the Union is considered to be one of the most strongest and most influential organisation in the world. Therefore all questions related to this are become questions with…

The European Union

The decisions and procedures of the institutions of the EU have failed to achieve the objective of the European Union to promote democracy in Europe and there is a lack of legitimacy and accountability. Moreover, the proposed European Constitutional Treaty was rejected in referendums conducted in France and the Netherlands. Opinion polls have clearly indicated…

World Conservation Union

UNESCO is an international organization being a specialized agency of the United Nations. UNESCO was established in 1945 and their goal is to contribute and assist security and peace. Actually, UNESCO promotes international collaboration in the spheres of science, education and culture to achieve universal respect for promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms. It is…

Understanding Interracial Union

Despite the fact that modern man is applauded for his high achievements in almost all areas of knowledge, racism continues to plague our ‘knowledge society. ’ Racism is a belief system which states that individuals can be superior to others on the basis of race. This theory has led to much violence and genocide in…

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